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Subject:        Traffic around school in Durbanville is dangerous



To whom it may concern,

This is an email I sent to transport department in Western Cape today. Below details by problem. Do you have any suggestions or know of the correct people to contact in order to resolve this situation. I just want to drive safely and avoid someone getting hurt.

Thank you


Good morning Mr

I am a parent of a student at Curro  Primary School.

This morning (Friday 7 September 2012) there was an accident on the corner of Momento Drive and De Villiers Drive in Sonstraal, Durbanville. I was not involved.

Every morning De Villiers Drive is backed up in cars right up to Brackenfell Boulevard, waiting to turn left into Momento Drive to the school. It is also backed up from the other end.

The problem is that there is only one lane and De Villiers is a main road for traffic leading in and out of Durbanville. This results in vehicles passing the traffic on the wrong side of the road (in oncoming traffic). Now that Spring has arrived the sun is also causing bad visibility issues. The parents leaving the school drive out of Momento Drive and into all this mayhem of cars overtaking cars in the wrong lanes. – which is what caused the accident this morning.

You can imagine that this is becoming dangerous. There are also school children walking to school who are in danger. Some vehicles drive onto the pavement (where the children walk) to avoid the traffic. And as you are aware most do not drive slowly.

I am a concerned parent and driver and am asking you please to look into this situation and put procedures in place to rectify the situation before someone get seriously hurt. I do feel that it is imminent if nothing is done.

Please respond to this email and keep me updated as to what is happening. Perhaps you can place a traffic officer there next week to see what I am talking about. The problem is during 7am and 8am and 12pm and 1pm.

Thank you very much for your time. I know you are very busy.

Kind regards,


Response Received:

We referred this to the Road Safety Experts in the Western Cape and we received a response:

Thanks for the information. I will pass on to my colleagues at Cape Town Traffic and Road Safety Management.

It can be mentioned that we are also in the process of doing a Road Safety Audit at Scholar Patrol sites, although it does not seem as if this is at such a site. However we are also trying to address scholar safety inclusive of the trip to and from school in whatever form.

The sad part is that it is parents like most of us are, who create the unsafe situations.



David V Frost
Deputy Director: Road Safety Management

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