What are the legal requirements for a Foreign driver with an an international licence to drive a South African registered truck?


In terms of legislation, the act states that any document issued by a competent authority in any country and serving in that country a purpose similar to that of a professional driving permit shall, subject to the conditions thereof and to such conditions as may be prescribed, be deemed to be a professional driving permit. In a case where the country in question does not issue PrDP, if the international driving licence you refer hereto authorises the driver to operate a motor vehicle requiring a PrDP in a foreign country, such a document will be sufficient to operate the authorised class of vehicle. In case where the licence is issued in a language other than one used in South Africa, an International Driving Permit (IDP) will be required to accompany the licence.

Essentially what this means is that if a person is in possession of a valid driving licence that would allow them to drive a truck in their country, that same licence can be used to drive the same vehicle for which it is authorised. Should the person wish to convert the licence into a South African licence, an application process will be followed subject to certain conditions.

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