Hi, I am a patrol in a neighbourhood watch. We were told that we may no longer use the amber (yellow) strobe light on our vehicles as our vehicles are not roadworks vehicles. there is a ongoing “fight” about this.We patrol only a small area and do not go out of our area boundaries. yet the amber “flashing” light has proven to be a great help in deterring would be criminals in the area.

By using this light we were also viable to all the residents in the area and would be “criminals and speedsters” would trend lighter. now it has been taken away and we lost one advantage point. If only roadworks vehicles may use this amber light then I would like to know if the refuge truck is also seen as a roadworks vehicle..and breakdown trucks? The sweeper truck? Also I see a lot of municipal “bakkies” with amber lights on them but they are not roadworks vehicles. so please could you help with answers? we would appreciate it.


The only vehicles that are allowed to have flashing amber or green lamps are listed in regulation 176 of the National Road Traffic Regulations. Unfortunately your vehicles are not listed and you may not display any lamp that indicates either a danger or priority in traffic.

The lamps are linked to other powers in the legislation like sec 58 and 60 and private vehicles are not allowed to display such lamps.


Alta Swanepoel

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