Speeding road sign


Please advise what authority manages the speed limits when approaching towns on this road, is it a national, provincial or municipal road authority? I ask because the variance between towns is impossible to keep in touch with, while driving over the 5 or 6 hours it takes to get from Grabouw to Plettenberg Bay. There are signs ranging from 60/70/80/90/100 and finally 120kph speed limits, all while driving on the N2. They have mobile cameras in every town so that even the most law abiding driver with speed control can be caught speeding if he does not notice a sign giving a new speed limit.

For example, Riversdale imposes a 90kph speed limit for 8kms outside the town and it is all through farming land on a beautiful wide road, while Riviersonderend allows 120kph immediately one leaves town and is no more difficult than  Riversdale. It appears as if the local traffic dept. are bent on collecting fines by this means and it is not a fair system and creates driver frustration, which leads to the accidents they are trying to avoid, even if they happen 10kms away when overtaking badly because their mind is still on the speeding fine they think they got trapped for.


Traffic departments are allowed to post their own speed limits depending on the traffic conditions. As the signs display the speed limit the driver must adhere to the specific limit. Camera prosecutions may only be instituted if the Prosecuting authority in the area allows it. They have certain criteria that must be complied with.


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