Keys drunk driving


Our son 22yr come home drunk over the weekend. he was the driver, I was horrified at the thought of what could have happened! We have taken away his car keys, until he has done some sort of course or class regarding drinking and driving. We would also like him to go out one weekend with Paramedics to see what happens.

Is there something like that in SA, i know the USA has programs like that.

Your assistance would be highly appreciated.


Thanks so much for being so socially responsible.

Please tell me what area you are in so I can advise you further as to possible courses.

I think it was an excellent idea to take away his keys as well.

He should also go onto the SADD website Tributes page – to see the consequences for victims families when a loved one has been killed.

Our website also has a great deal of information on alcohol and especially units of alcohol and elimination rates of alcohol.

I have also attached a Summary of what we do, and would really appreciate you joining up, as we need more socially responsible citizens such as you!

Kind regards,

Caro Smit

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