We have discussed the importance of parking your vehicle safely. Vehicle theft is one of the threats to lower car insurance premiums and we need to do everything possible to protect our vehicles from these criminals. This includes not only installing layered security systems, but also parking in a safe or secure spot!

What do car insurers regard as secured parking?

Too many drivers are unaware that their parking location can have a major impact on the cost of their car insurance coverage, and understanding how and why this affects rates can help you find a more affordable quote.

Insurers will offer a discount for vehicle owners that own their own garages or rent a locked garage with a roof to store their vehicles.

What is secured parking?

Car Insurance companies will pay close attention to the area where you reside and the area where you travel. They will also consider the risks to vehicle theft and loss in that area. After taking into account accident and especially the crime statistics in this area – they will also pay attention to the information disclosed by you on the safe parking of your vehicle.

This would include information on parking in the following spaces:

• A locked garage
• Within a gated community
• Inside a parking garage managed by a security company and with CCTV cameras.
• Inside a open parking area surrounded by fences or walls
• Parking in a street or public area
• Beneath a covered parking area /carport etc

Secured Parking should be interpreted by most as either being enclosed within walls and locked – or having security guards on permanent surveillance to protect the vehicles in an enclosed area. Secured parking means that there are measures in place to create a safe environment.

Safe Parking Suggestions

Your car is more likely to be broken into when parked in an urban area – but there are still chances to reduce the risks. We would like to provide a few safe parking suggestions to avoid car insurance claims from vehicle theft:

• If able to park in a car park, try to choose one that is well lit, has security patrols, restricted entry and exit points.
• It is best to pay for a manned car park if at all possible.
• Park in a well –lit area, making it less likely for your car to be broken into, and also making it less likely that you will be attacked on returning to your car.
• Never leave anything on display when you park your car. Even an old coat or a plastic bag can tempt a thief.
• If you have a garage, use it.

Environmental damage and car insurance

Your parking might not only reduce the risks of vehicle theft – but also the changes of environmental damage. A covered or locked garage could reduce the car insurance claims from damage caused by hail, falling tree limbs, vandalism etc …

Advice to vehicle owners

Never underestimate the value of communication with your insurer! Your insurer or broker should be able to give you tips on parking and explain what discounts, if any, are offered.

When researching car insurance quotes, take the time to consider the factors that affect your insurance costs, as well as looking at your parking and driving habits.

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  1. Ruby Clifton

    With a number of anti theft devices available in the market, your car can be secure as ever. But always go in for the quality device, and do not fall prey to the cheap imitations.

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