best-car-insurance-companiesIn previous discussions on finding the best car insurance company we have referred to the importance of brand value and reputation. The best insurers are alert to the importance of “word of mouth” marketing in attracting new clients and keeping existing clients on the books!

This most important marketing tool is only achievable thought consumer satisfaction and good service delivery. As the marketers and brand experts say – the problem in not losing that one client – it is the 9 others that hear about his complaints and dissatisfaction!

What do you say about your insurance company? We seldom deal with a car insurer on regular basis – and the true test is to be found in the unfortunate event of an accident. Have you stood up in a conversation and praised your car insurer or broker for professionalism and god service delivery?

We have come across comment made in the US by consumers complimenting their insurance companies. We would like to avoid naming specific companies in this short summary – and rather focus on the specific key phrases used. This confirms the characteristics required to be regarded as “Best” car insurance company.
It is important to note the importance placed on knowledge, affordability, value of services, and responsiveness.

Quotes from satisfied car insurance clients:
“Great prices compared to everyone else.”
“Great insurance company, great agent, great claims, great price! – what more can you say?”
“Simple, easy to use online interface with little or no lag time. You can change your policy and pay bills in literally seconds. 5/5 stars for convenience alone. Competitive rates too.”
“Insurer’s policies are very comprehensive and easy to use. I’m so happy I switched from…”
“ They truly are the good hands people!”
“I have the best insurance agent, very knowledgeable and great prices!”
“The agent has been incredibly helpful and supportive. …”
“Very knowledgeable team! Always knows the answers and if they don’t- they dig till they find them! Great service from the office team and claims!”
“Very quick response to situations, no matter who is at fault. Always an agent no matter where you live. Worth the premium!”
“It is the most trusted insurance”
“Insurer is by far the Best. Super fast, super friendly, super fair, all at a good price.”
“Insurer’s customer service is the best. They are quick, friendly, and fair”

Are you confident in the ability of our insurer to provide professional services when required? May we find more and more insurers worthy of praise from our consumers!

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