did_you_knowOur ability to report bad drivers is one of the tools we can use to enhance driver responsibility and reduce the accidents on our roads. We would like to share some info on the Reporting of bad drivers, having received an email from a visitor to the Arrive Alive website  Рand a subsequent response from the National Traffic Call Centre.


“How often does the SA arrive alive bad driving line follow up on cases reported? It would help to provide feedback just to restore our faith in these campaigns as a people!! This morning there was someone driving recklessly in front of me, from Booysens road down to Loveday South in Joburg CBD.

I decided to get off the road so as to avoid him as it was clear that it was me he was after, maybe because I was driving in a foreign registration. He kept cutting in front of me and stopping, then showing me the finger, every time I moved into another lane he would do this same, and all this in peak morning traffic. I then called Arrive Alive, but the lady I spoke to didn’t sound like she was going to do anything about it, prior to that I had called JMPD and they hung up on me, just like that!! Is there really any point in reporting this kind of things, I should I really just pull out a gun in shoot the offender?” Zanele


Good morning Ms…

The National Traffic Call Centre sends out letters to vehicle owners notifying them of the incidents and calling on the drivers to comply with road traffic rules. The letter serves as the first line of changing driver behaviour and encourage voluntary law compliance, instead of an issued traffic fine. However, members of the public can report road rage and reckless and negligent driver behaviour at a police station in order for further legal action against the offender.

The full details are to be recorded and should there be some form of evidence, such as photos, video clips, etc. makes the case easier to be pursued further.

Hope you will find the above information helpful. Further information on the National Traffic Call Centre can be found on the Arrive Alive website under the Reports or on www.rtmc.co.za/callcentre/ link.


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