We added a blog story yesterday titled “Crime statistics confirm the need for car insurance!”.

This was done shortly after the release of the crime statistics for South Africa by the Minster of Police. We made reference to increases in vehicle hijackings and truck hijackings.

The full report has now been made available and there are a few other aspects which are also important when we consider whether to insure or not to insure your car:

  • Theft of motor vehicle or motorcycle – 75,968
  • Theft out of or from motor vehicle – 109,548

This does confirm that we need to be alert to incidents of smash-and-grab and we would like to share advice with our vehicle owners on how to avoid becoming a victim of smash-and- grab.

The South African Police recommends the following steps:

  • Lock all your doors and close the windows
  • Don’t have bags, cellular phones, briefcases or other valuables visible
  • Be constantly on the lookout for suspicious looking characters
  • When approaching a traffic light at night, slow down so you can catch the light when it is green and be wary of people standing at intersections
  • Never open vehicle windows or doors for strangers
  • If you encounter obstacles such as rocks or tyres immediately reverse and drive off in the opposite direction

Crime Statistics 2009

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2 thoughts on “What do the Crime Statistics 2009 tell us, specifically regarding Car Insurance?

  1. Florence

    These statistics are 3 years old, are there no newer figures?

    My son’s car was stolen on Saturday and we have just bought our daughter a new car.
    I want to know more about how to avoid becoming a stitistic and also our area, it seems that crime is on the rise in Benoni.

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