“Hi. Everyday I drive out of my office and come to a stop street. At this stop street I need to turn right into a bigger road which I have done happily for years (as have many other drivers). I just noticed the other day that the line in the middle of the main road that I turn into, goes solid more or less opposite the road I come out of (I guess because there is a robot about 50 metres down the main road (to the left of the stop street). Does this mean we should not be turning right there? There are no signs at the stop street or anywhere nearby indicating that it is a left turn only. Please advise. Thanks”


The solid white line running down the centre of a road, dividing two lanes of traffic moving in opposite directions, is a No Overtaking line (RM1).

This line applies to vehicles travelling onthe road on which the the line is painted, not to vehicles on any intersecting roads. So it does not prohibit vehicles coming from an intersection road from crossing that line in order to turn right into that road. Usually, at an intersection the solid line is broken to indicate that it may be crossed by vehicles turning at the intersection.

solid line at intersection

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