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What is the legally allowed hight limits for a bakkie transporting furniture?


The maximum height for any goods vehicle and the goods on it is 4,3 metres. If you load on the roof of a motor car you may not exceed the following heights – see par (d).

Manner in which goods to be carried

Reg 246. No person shall operate on a public road a motor vehicle carrying any goods—
(a) in such a manner as to come into contact with the surface of the public road on which the vehicle is being operated but a chain, known as a “static chain”, may be carried in contact with the surface of such road;
(b) in such a manner as to obscure the driver’s view of traffic to the front or on either side, or his or her view in the rear-view mirror or mirrors of traffic to the rear;
(c) which are not—
(i) safely contained within the body of such vehicle; or
(ii) securely fastened to such vehicle,
and which are not properly protected from being dislodged or spilled from such vehicle;
(d) on the roof thereof, in the case where such vehicle is a motorcar, if the height of such goods measured from the highest point of such roof exceeds one half of the height of the motor car, measured from ground level: Provided that the provisions of this paragraph shall not be applicable in respect of pedal cycles being transported on the roof of a motor vehicle; or
(e) in any container, which has provision for fastening by means of “twist locks”, unless such container is securely fastened by at least four “twist locks” and the provision of this paragraph are also applicable to empty containers carried on a motor vehicle, but two “twist locks” may be used to fasten a container which, measured parallel to the length of the vehicle, is at least one comma five metre in length and less than three metres in length.

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