Level 5 Immobilizer

Level 5 Immobilizer

In South Africa we pay rather expensive car insurance premiums not only for protection from vehicle accidents and road safety risks – but also to protect from vehicle theft and hijackings! We have a wide variety of vehicle security features available on the market and we are able to pick and choose and to compare these with one another.

Vehicle security features range from the top end DataDot and vehicle tracking technology to the more everyday immobilizers and vehicle alarms. We have also addressed on the Car Insurance Blog aspects such as safe parking and hijacking avoidance measures.

Earlier today the Arrive Alive Website received an email titled “Level 5 Immobilizer” – and this is an indication of how far some vehicle owner will go to protect their vehicles. This is only for the brave – and fortunately not all vehicle owner have to revert to extreme measures to protect their cars from theft. It is also not known whether car insurance companies would be willing to offer reduced premiums for this unique vehicle security feature!!

We would like to urge all vehicle owners to read the Car Insurance Blog and pay close attention to the advice with regards to vehicle security!! Having your vehicle protected at all times could prevent car insurance claims and help you to maintain a sound claims record!!

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