Thank you for the write up for foreigners travelling in South Africa.

I would like you clarify, though. You mentioned that it is “recommended” for foreigners to have International Driving Permit (IDP)in conjunction with our national driving license to be able to drive in South Africa. SO therefore will foreigners be charged for driving without a valid permit if they do not have an IDP?

I hold driving permits from Singapore for Motor cycles with an engine capacity between 201 cc and 400c and Motor Cars less than 3000kg.

I hold a 90 day visitor’s permit and I hold a Singapore passport.

Please let me know.

Thank you.


An International Driving Permit is not an authorisation to drive, but is required in a case where a driving licence is not issued in one of the official languages of South Africa. For example, if your driving licence is written in English, you do not necessarily need to have an IDP as the language is used in South Africa. In a case where the licence is in a language that is not used in the country, you will require an IDP.

Clancinah Baloyi

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