Please can you help me.

I moved to South Africa in 2008 and have been living here on a spousal visa ever since.

I am not eligible for permanent residence as I do not have a permanent job offer.

I have a full UK licence (photo card with signature and supporting paper work).  Can I legally drive in South Africa with this until I am able to apply for permanent residence??  I originally came with a International Driving Permit with expired after a year and con only be applied for in the UK, as I haven’t been back I do not have a current one.

I understand that once awarded with permanent residence I will have to exchange my UK licence for a South African within 1 year.

I am finding it very difficult to find out if I am legally allowed to drive using my UK licence even though I have been in South Africa for over a year?

Kindest regards.


Regulation 110 recognises a driving licence issued in a different country on condition that:

  1. (a) The licence has been issued in an official language of the Republic; or

(b) certificate of authenticity or validity relating to the licence issued in an official language of the Republic by a competent authority, or a translation of that licence in such official language, is attached to it;

  1. such licence contains or has attached to it, a photograph and the signature of the licence holder.

The licence is only valid for the period and subject to the conditions under which it was issued. That is a licence that has expired in terms of UK laws cannot be valid for use on South African roads, and equally if a licence is issued with certain limitations, the same will apply for South Africa.

To answer your question, yes you are able to use your foreign issued licence for as long as it is meets the conditions set out above.





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