Where does one find a Public Weighbridge so that one can check the weight of a vehicle or trailer?

I just want to make sure that when my off road trailer is fully loaded, water, fuel, etc etc that it is within the GVM weight.


There is no such thing as a public weighbridge (unless the referral is to public as in government).

What weight is being looked for? The TARE weight is on every registration document of every vehicle as well as the GCM or GVM. Vehicle test centres (any one) would be able to assist.

A vehicle test centre MAY weigh you to assist (but you will pay) and a normal weighbridge will not necessarily weigh you due to the vehicle size (they generally only weigh from 3.5 tons and up).

Note: if the trailer mass is larger than 750kg then you require an EB licence (at least) and the actual load of the trailer must not exceed the permissible GVM stated on the trailer.

There are obviously other aspects as well.

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