I am writing my Heavy Vehicle Learners, There is no information on the rules of the road for these vehicles. Please can you help me obtain this information?


The learner’s licence material for heavy vehicles is included in the Learner’s Licence Study Manual on the Topscore CD. It is not in a separate ‘manual’ or section, because the rules, road signs and controls are essentially the same for light and heavy vehicles.

However, there is a problem with the Department of Transport people who have more recently taken it upon themselves to include in the tests several questions that fall outside the official syllabus as specified in the National Road Traffic Act. These questions, which are considered to be illegal, are the cause of many of the failures I hear about. They are also the subject of high-level complaints to the Department of Transport. Those questions relate mostly to vehicle specifications which, while being valid laws, are not part of the Rules of the Road and should therefore not be in the test at all.

So this is where things stand right now:

  1. To the best of my knowledge, none of the study manuals or digital products available to the public from any producer or publisher, as at today’s date, covers the information related to those illegal questions, which seem to be in the computerised tests only, as used at testing stations where that system has been installed.
  2. The Topscore CD has also recently been updated, but the new edition of the CD is not yet available. However, I understand that downloadable updates to the current edition may be available soon.
  3. As a short-term ‘solution’ to help the public, I have put some extra information on my K53 Test Info blogsite, on this page:

So, whichever product you use – a manual or the Topscore CD – if you’ll be doing the computerised test it will be essential to study that Web page too.

You might also find these two Facebook pages of interest:

I hope this information is helpful to you.

All the best.

Gavin Hoole

Learner’s Licence & K53
Driving Licence Test Info

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