Is it possible to get a list of accredited driving schools? There seems to be so many fly by nights out there so any advice as to how to go about finding a reputable school would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you for your enquiry. We agree with you!
Please consult our website. I do hope we have a member in your area.
If not, we can invite instructors in your area to join SAIDI so that they will be under our code of conduct too.
You need to ask to see their valid driving instructor’s certificate as well as a receipt proving they are re-applying, if that is the case.
It is also recommended that you check to see if the driving school vehicles are fitted with a dual control brake, (at least), sign-marking and that they keep records.
This Annexure 250 is not included in the present National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996, for some unknown reason, so there are no laws enforcing it.
Make sure you receive a receipt for any lessons paid for. Consult local people for advice and referrals too.

Best Regards,

Pat Allen
National President: SAIDI
Tel no: 012 998 3910
Fax no. 086 553 8650
E-mail: pat@saidinational.org
Website: www.saidinational.org

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