Where do I claim from damage caused by road construction?

Construction mine field

Construction mine field

Are you aware that you may have a legitimate claim against the road authorities for damages caused in areas of road construction? It has been confirmed in a story on Pretoria News that motorists whose vehicles have been damaged as a result of the roadwork on Gauteng’s freeways are able to claim through the contractor’s insurance company.

The SA National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) confirms that claims are processed like any other car insurance claim if it could be proved that the damage occurred as a result of work on the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project.

Sanral spokeswoman Priya Pillay apologised for any inconvenience caused to motorists by loose stones. It is important to note that:

  • Sanral, its contractors and consulting engineers will remain vigilant in preventing stone loss as far as it humanly possible.
  • Motorists whose vehicles may have been damaged by loose stones are able to claim for the damage caused to their vehicles from the contractor’s insurance company.
  • The contractor and their insurance brokers would investigate the motorist’s negligence and liability in the same way as normal insurance claims.
  • It is important that motorists provide the necessary supporting information required for an insurance claim when lodging the claim.
How to claim from SANRAL

  • Visit the contact page on the SANRAL web site.
  • Select your region from the map.
  • Use the relevant contact details and find the person responsible.
  • Good Luck!

Sanral urged motorists to drive with caution in construction zones and not to increase the risk of damage to vehicles. Motorists should adhere to the indicated speed limits as vehicles travelling at higher speeds could dislodge the stones in the period just after the reopening of newly sealed lanes.

Those vehicle owners with potential claims must note that different contractors work on different sections of the project, so motorists should contact the relevant agency to provide the particulars of the incident which led to the damage.

These vehicle owners should note aspects relating to the specific date and time of the damage. We would like to advise the potential claimants to take photos of the vehicle and damage shortly after these incidents and carefully note the exact location and cause of the damage.

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