In South Africa an estimated eight million vehicles travel on our roads daily and this figure grows by a staggering 20% every year*. Congestion affects millions of people every day, having serious effects on drivers’ health, businesses, society and the environment. With this in mind leading navigation company TomTom has revealed an immediate and cost-effective solution to help tackle traffic congestion.

map2“For many drivers, traffic congestion has become inevitable”, says Joost Jetten, Vice President, Sales Sub Sahara Africa. “We think it’s time to challenge conventional thinking with a working solution to reduce traffic congestion right now on a very large scale.”

TomTom has invested years in developing the very best traffic navigation system. Today TomTom can reduce journey times for individual drivers by up to 15%. TomTom drivers are connected online, so when a faster route becomes available, they are first to know. As a result, journey times can reduce for all drivers by up to 5% when 10% of the world’s drivers use TomTom’s HD Traffic navigation system.

We have earlier discussed the ability of GPS Navigation and HD Traffic to assist in reducing vehicle accidents by diverting people away from accident scenes and heavily congested traffic. This was done in a blog post titled “What is HD Traffic and how can it help me to avoid accident claims?”

In this blog post we would like to share some interesting insights on traffic congestion in South Africa.

The TomTom HD Traffic navigation system combines the world’s most accurate traffic information with dynamic route guidance technology. HD Traffic information is the most accurate in the world. It covers more road kilometers on both secondary and main roads. This information is refreshed every two minutes. Drivers can also use the TomTom Route planner online to view real time traffic before planning their journey.

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