SnipImage(16)Are you going to be the more likely victim of vehicle theft than the guy next door just because you have a specific vehicle? What would make the vehicle thief decide to rather take your vehicle than that of the other bloke?

I have come across an interesting story in Rapport Newspaper in which it was revealed that two Toyota brands, the Hilux and Fortuner vehicles have been identified as the most sought after by vehicle thieves. A Toyota spokesperson has confirmed that this has come to their attention and that the giant motor manufacturer is working closely with the security industry and the police services in assisting vehicle owners to combat vehicle theft.

Toyota comments on vehicle theft statistics

Toyota however cautions on making a simplistic assumption from the facts and statistics – and cautions that as the motor manufacturer with the largest market share – it is most possible that vehicle theft might also tend to reflect this market share.

Historically these revelations do not come as much of a surprise. The Toyota minibus has long been the mode of transport for the majority of commuters in both cities, rural towns and perhaps most importantly in neighbouring countries. It has long been speculated that the engines within the Hilux and Fortuner could well be used within these minibuses and the overhauling of other vehicles.

The historical reliability of these engines could perhaps also have this unfortunate downside – if they are built to last – perhaps they are built to be taken for use elsewhere…

What do the car insurers say about increased theft of specific vehicles?

Several car insurers have been asked for their comment on whether they would still insure brands identified as prime targets by vehicle thieves – and the big car insurer sees no problem in doing so.

There has been confirmation however that:
– Vehicle theft statistics are closely monitored
– These statistics will play a role in the calculation of the car insurance premium payable
– If a specific vehicle is stolen much more often that others – the car insurer will consult with the motoring manufacturer on security requirements.

It is important to note that the vehicle owner could also improve the safety features on his specific vehicle through additional safety features, tracking systems etc. We would like to urge vehicle owners to have a look at the blog post on layered security systems.

A spokesperson from the South African Insurance Association has confirmed that many role players in the insurance industry, security industry and business sector are working closely together to combat vehicle theft in South Africa.

Conclusion and advice to vehicle owners

It is important that vehicle owners pay close attention to their vehicles and how to protect themselves from vehicle loss through theft or hijacking. Apart from having these vehicles insured – also pay attention to:
-vehicle security features
– where you drive your vehicle at night
-hijacking hotspots
-secured parking at home/ work
-where you park your vehicle

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One thought on “Which makes of vehicles are more likely to be stolen in South Africa?

  1. Rene

    Is the A1 Audi three door a high risk vehicle for theft and hijacking?

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