worst-driversI have come across a fascinating article with the topic “Computer engineers ‘most likely to crash'”. But how do we find the truth to which occupation has the worst drivers and on what factual evidence can we base these assumptions?

Car Insurance companies can reveal interesting data on which occupation is most likely to make an accident claim. One of these UK insurers has disclosed that computer engineers / geeks have the worst road accident records while farmers are the safest drivers!

Churchill Insurance says that computer engineers topped the list of those professions making the most accident claims in the last three years. The second most-claiming professionals were sales managers, followed by chefs, students and doctors.

Interesting facts revealed include:

  • Young drivers struggle to get car insurance.
  • Farmers had the best road safety records based on claims made, followed by aircraft fitters, stores personnel and ambulance drivers.
  • The poorer claims experience associated with computer engineers, sales managers, chefs and doctors most likely reflects the long hours they work in a very stressful job. As a result, they are more likely to be tired when driving and possibly distracted.
  • Estate agents make lots of journeys in their cars during the day – dashing to see clients in urban areas and often parking wherever they can when they arrive.
  • Those who have jobs which involve working outdoors or who drive for a living tend to have fewer accidents. This might underline the value of driving experience!
  • Farmers have a lower claims frequency because they live and work in rural areas with less congestion, which are likely to be more tranquil to work in than a stressful office environment.

We could perhaps also add that most farmers are driving from a very early age on private roads in the bakkies of their parents and are often much more experienced drivers at the time that they become licensed drivers.

Churchill’s top 10 most frequently claiming occupations are:

  1. Computer engineer
  2. Sales manager
  3. Chef
  4. Student
  5. Doctor
  6. Estate agent
  7. Surveyor
  8. Customer adviser
  9. Hairdresser
  10. Social worker

We have previously addressed on the car insurance blog the topic “Does cheaper car insurance imply women are better drivers?”. We have also focused on the road safety threats posed by young/ underage drivers. We seem to be getting closer to the truth about the worst drivers on our roads…

…Perhaps we need to fear the young, male geek drivers the most..!!

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