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There is a new computerised learner test system in use, but the passing rate has dropped to about 12%. I am one for learner licence applicants to study all the signs, rules and controls and not make use of a fraudulent method to obtain a learners licence, but please advice on how to assist aspirant learner drivers in what material they can use to ensure a better pass rate.


I would recommend choosing one or more of the following resources.


The first one below covers both the Learner’s Licence and the Driving Licence test requirements. The second (red) one covers the Learner’s Licence test only, plus some additional helpful information.

Both books include mock tests similar to the official paper tests.

The red book on the right can be bought online at

The book on the left can be bought via this website:

Digital edition and online practice mock tests

Look inside The New Official K53 Manual

Additional helpful information about the ‘extraneous’ questions
in the computerised tests

Other comments about the study resources

I hope the above info helps the candidates.


Gavin Hoole
Learner’s & Driving Licence Test Info

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One thought on “Which resources can help me in preparing for the Learner’s Licence and the Driving Licence test?

  1. I would also consider using African Licence. (

    African Licence is an online resource consisting of:
    * a free online book
    * mock tests
    * over 700 unique questions
    * detailed analysis of your results
    * a lively discussion forum.

    You can try out unlimited access (take as many mock tests as you like ) for free because every user who signs up gets 1 day free unlimited access.

    Thereafter, you can continue unlimited access from as little as R5.
    The free online book, your test result analysis and the discussion center all remain accessible to all users.

    The site is optimised for mobile devices too 🙂


    Full disclosure: I work for African Licence

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