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Who has the right of way when taking an on ramp onto the highway, does the car in the leftmost lane have to make way for the car entering, or does the car entering have to stop at the end of the on ramp and wait for a gap?


Vehicles on the freeway have right of way. Vehicles about to enter the freeway must yield to traffic on the freeway (not ‘highway’).

However, vehicles on the freeway that are passing an on-ramp have a responsibility to facilitate the entry of vehicles merging with the freeway traffic.

Here are the sequences of actions for the official K53 Driving Licence test:

Freeways – entering

1. Select appropriate lane of the on-ramp.
2. Check rear-view mirror(s) and appropriate blind spot.
3. Signal intention, if applicable.
4. Accelerate, if necessary.
5. Check rear-view mirror(s), if applicable.
6. Decelerate, if necessary.
7. Brake, if necessary.
8. Yield in accordance with traffic pattern, road traffic signs, signals, rules and markings.
9. Stop, if necessary.

10. Select gear, if necessary.
11. Observe, if applicable.
12. Move off/proceed, if necessary.
13. Check the necessary blind spots.
14. Merge with traffic and obtain sufficient clear space.
15. Cancel signal.
Note A: Drive between edge lines of the on-ramp.
Note B: Do not overtake on a single lane on-ramp.
Note C: A left and right blind spot check shall be done upon entering a freeway.
Note D: Additional blind spot checks for a safe gap may be necessary.

Freeways – passing on-ramps

1. On approach check rear-view mirrors.
2. Check blind spot.
3. Adjust speed and position to facilitate entry of vehicles about to join freeway, if necessary.


Gavin Hoole
Learner’s Licence & K53
Driving Licence Test Info

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