With November being Diabetes Month, I would like to know whether diabetes is important for car insurance? Is my status as a diabetic considered in the calculation of my risk profile for car insurance?


There are 2 aspects to consider:

1.       Whether you may be a licensed driver

2.       Whether you will pay more for car insurance

We would like to refer this separately:

1. National Road Traffic Act :  Section 15 – Disqualification from obtaining or holding learner’s or driving licence

15. (1) A person shall be disqualified from obtaining or holding a   learner’s or driving licence-

if he or she is suffering from one of the following diseases or disabilities:

(v) uncontrolled diabetes mellitus

This “uncontrolled diabetes mellitus” will disqualify a person from obtaining a learner’s licence, and therefore a driving licence.

Most cases of diabetes are however easily controlled and need not present any additional risks on the road.

2. Epilepsy, Car Insurance and Car Insurance Premiums

Several Insurance companies in South Africa have confirmed that once the driver is legally entitled to drive and not suffering from “uncontrolled diabetes” there will be no additional requirement for car insurance cover. Some insurers require no additional disclosures relating to health, except physical disability.

It will be important to carefully consider your car insurance policy – and pay close attention to the requirements of full disclosure. Rather disclose all your detail including your diabetic status when in doubt – You should not incur any incur any penalty for such status!

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