I wish to know whether having bowel altering surgery would result in an elevated blood alcohol concentration, above a BAC level that would have resulted if one were to have no bowel altering surgery ?

I have had 1/3 of my small intestines and the entire colon removed, how would this impact on the alcohol absorption in the bowel and the BAC level in the bloodstream ? Would this have any impact on the alcohol metabolism in the liver ?


The alcohol level that is being tested is after metabolism. Metabolism of alcohol takes place in the liver.

Alcohol is absorbed through the stomach (approx. 20%) and the intestines (approx. 80%) the rest is diffused in the form of sweat, breath and urine. Alcohol can only be measured as a by-product. The actual measurement is the by-product of the liver after it has been metabolised.

If you have a concern that your blood alcohol levels may be of different levels due to your operation, we suggest that you consult your doctor. The reason for this is that there are many other factors that should also be included which can play a role in the blood alcohol level. You will have to monitor you glucose levels (glucose breaks down as alcohol as well), your carbohydrates as well as your liver function. Obviously if your liver function is disrupted then the metabolism of alcohol would be different.

I do hope that this help you a bit.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any further queries.

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Werner Vermaak
Communications Manager

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