SnipImage(16)Several emails have been directed to the Arrive Alive website with the same request:

“Is it true that your may lose your drivers license for speeding?”

An email has been doing the rounds with exactly this message – and I would like to quote:

Speeding Violations – Driving License Suspension

Drivers and Line Managers must please take note of the latest amendment to the National road Traffic Act which became effective on 20th November 2010, to kerb the lawlessness and limit the carnage on our roads. Magistrates have been granted extra power to suspend driving licences in instances where motorists exceed 30km/h above the speed limit in urban areas (eg: 90+ km/h in a 60 km/h zone) and 40km/h above the speed limit outside an urban area.

This is now law as from 20/11/2010 and a magistrate may where considered necessary flex their muscles and suspend your licence. The simple principle now applies do not speed under any circumstances. The risk is great, the outcome could be disastrous.


Confirmation of amendment wich affects speeding violations

The Arrive Alive website received notice of this amendment earlier in November and we would like to quote from an email by Legislative Expert Alta Swanepoel:

The National Road Traffic Act, 1996 will be amended on 20 November 2010 by the implementation of:

 The National Road Traffic Amendment Act 1999 (Act No. 21 of 1999) – Proclamations 48 of 2000 published in Gazette 21425 of 31 July 2000 and Proclamation 61 of 2010 published in Gazette 33742 of 10 November 2010.

 The National Road Traffic Amendment Act, 2008 (Act No. 64 of 2008) – Proclamation 60 of 2010 published in Gazette 33742 of 10 November 2010.

The implementation of the two amendment acts has various implications of which a few are listed for your information:

Amendment Act 64 of 2008:

Offences added to section 35 on automatic suspension of driving licences – conviction on a speeding offence of driving faster than 30 km/h over speed limit in an urban area and 40 km/h over speed limit outside an urban area will result in the automatic suspension of a person’s driving licence. The reasons for the suspension not to be enforced by a Magistrate, must be related to the offence, not the offender

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