I’d like to find out why nothing is being done in regards to the illegal use of fog lights (and non-standard high power headlamps for that matter) in this country. Nothing is done about this despite being both illegal and dangerous. When I asked a member of the Durban Metro Police why he wasn’t issuing fines to people driving with fog lamps on, he informed me that “It wasn’t worthwhile.”

The situation is becoming untenable and I now refuse to drive at night since I narrowly missed hitting a pedestrian with my vehicle whilst blinded by an oncoming car that had it’s fog lights illuminated. Could someone advise why this particularly dangerous habit is being ignored completely and why it is deemed “Not worthwhile” to pursue it?


Herewith, feedback In response to your e-mail pertaining to fog lamps.

In terms of Regulation 163 (6) of the National Road Traffic Act, 93 of 1996, No person is allowed to “operate on a public road, a motor vehicle while any fog lamp fitted to such vehicle is lit, except in conditions of poor visibility caused by snow, fog, mist, dust or smoke”.

It is therefore very much unfortunate that one officer allegedly deemed “It wasn’t worthwhile.” As the RTMC, we promote road safety and we will endeavor to ensure that motorists obey the rules of the road and also discourage any unlawful conduct by motorists where such maybe reported to our National Traffic Call Centre: 0861 400 800. However, traffic fines should not be viewed or conceived as a means for generating and/or maximizing revenue for traffic departments.

Kind regards

Peter Baloyi
Law Enforcement Co-ordination
Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC)

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