Parking offenceWe would like to share a rather interesting request for information about a parking fine – and the response received from one of the Experts on Traffic Enforcement!


“Last night I recieved a fine on Loop st in Cape Town after parking where directed by a parking fellow in a space that someone had just vacated.

It was about 9.30pm at night. I asked a local security enforcer and then the police what the fine was for. Nobody seemed to be able to tell from the placement of my car. A couple of other cars had tickets and most didn’t. Again there didn’t appear to be any reason for this.

I see your site has much information on cameras. This is not a camera offence but a parking one (that i cannot figure out). I was told by the police to go to the public prosecutor to dispute it (I am a tourist here) and am willing to try that as I cannot figure out why I got it.

Also they have not clearly written down the number plate of my hire car (missed the C of the CA) and there is no way of figuring out what the fine is for since the handwriting is illegible.

Have you any suggestions? Some images of the car attached. I happened to have my camera with me last night.



“Dear S.

Firstly, the reason that greedfines is called greedfines is because camera trapping is in our opinions a form of generating nothing but revenue for the authorities and contractors alike. They have little or nothing to or with increasing road safety or reducing incidents of speeding and the site makes this very clear.

I see from the photographs that you sent that the cars in it are parked straddling a yellow road marking and I am often gobsmacked by the way in which almost everyone immediately forgets what they study so hard when swotting to get their driving licence. A solid yellow marking means that no vehicle is allowed to drive or park there and may but does not have to be accompanied by a road traffic sign.

Feel free to correct me if you think I am wrong but don’t these photographs, presumably one of which is of your vehicle, clearly show that the vehicles in question were parked in a no parking area or possibly even the centre of the road? Instead of proving your innocence, they prove your guilt. I cannot comment on why it would have been that only some vehicles were ticketed but it may have something to do with the car guard having some form of “arrangement” with someone.

Why it is that people who are directed to park in no parking areas by people who appoint themselves as “car guards” and clearly know nothing about traffic law continue to take instructions from these people? Perhaps it is the belief that these people have some form of arrangement with traffic cops who will not ticket their “clients” or perhaps it is that most motorists have little or no regard for the law. The fact of the matter is that every motorist is obliged to know the basics traffic law and comply with it or they should not be on the road.

My suggestion is that you go and pay your fine and refrain from parking where you are not supposed to in the future. I would also recommend a refresher course in the “rules of the road” which you can complete at, an excellent resource for learner and veteran drives alike. Most veteran drivers are quite surprised at how little they know when they do the tests again for the first time.

Best Regards,

Howard Dembovsky
National Chairman – Justice Project South Africa”

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