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Why this Car Insurance Blog?

Car insurance is an important component in the efforts towards road safety. A good insurance policy puts the mind at ease when driving. Having car insurance also ensures that damaged vehicles are repaired by accredited experts in vehicle repair and maintenance. Vehicle owners who do not have car insurance will more likely use the most affordable backyard mechanic to assist in getting his vehicle on the road – posing a vehicle roadworthiness threat to other road users!

The South African road crash and crime statistics provide more than enough evidence to the importance of vehicle insurance. Over the last couple of years the cost of repairs has increased dramatically and there has been a significant increase in the average cost of a claim. An increase in vehicle theft, accidents and rising repair costs force insurance companies to recalculate the risk and cost of insuring our vehicles.

With South Africa’s high accident and car theft rate, the vehicle owner cannot afford to drive an uninsured vehicle. According to the South African Insurance Association (SAIA), about 65 percent of South African motorists are not insured. This has far-reaching implications for all road users, whether or not they are insured.

Objectives with the Car Insurance Blog

On the Car Insurance Blog we will strive to create awareness of aspects such as:

  • The importance of car insurance
  • Car insurance terms and conditions
  • Acquiring affordable and cheap car insurance in South Africa
  • Maintaining affordable car insurance
  • Insurance fraud, the insurance industry and prevention of fraudulent claims
  • Avoiding car accident claims
  • Protecting the vehicle from vehicle theft
  • The process of accident claims
  • The Ombudsman for Short Term Insurance, etc

Cooperation between the Arrive Alive road safety website and insurers may contribute towards more insured vehicles on the roads of South Africa. May this also lead towards greater road safety and a reduction in loss of lives!

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