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Advice and suggestions when selecting a tracking company

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security-systems-tracking-devicesAt a launch of a live traffic solution last week in JHB it was revealed that there is only a 5% chance of vehicle recovery in South Africa if the vehicle is not fitted with a tracking device. If there is a quality vehicle tracking device installed – the chances are 85%.

For many years the general public has been bullied and cohersed into purchasing tracking devises because their insurance companies insist on it. Tracking devises have become a grudge purchase for many – but the above numbers provide enough motivation to have them installed.

On Saturday afternoon the Toyota bakkie of a friend of mine was stolen in Bloemfontein – and in the evening the tracking company contacted the vehicle owner to confirm that his vehicle has been recovered!

With modern advances in technology, vehicle tracking has become a risk management tool to provide individuals and companies with a multitude of valuable benefits.

Unfortunately these benefits are not available from all the various tracking players in the market” says Steve Cornelius, sales director of C-track South Africa.

How do I identify the best tracking companies? Ask Questions!

The purpose of this communication is to guide you in terms of the questions that you should be asking your supplier before making a decision on what tracking unit to purchase. Your decision should not be based on price alone – but also on service and response in the event of an emergency, taking into account the potential hazards in the area that you are driving.

We would like to suggest that you ask the following questions:

  1. What technology is used to track your vehicle?

    GPS – Global Positioning System, the latest and most accurate technology
    GSM – Cellular network, used for communicating with your vehicle
    Radio Frequency – The old fashioned technology which is unreliable and inaccurate

  2. Will the unit be tested automatically every day and for free?

    Unless you know that the unit is working, you run the risk of having your theft claim repudiated. Most insurance companies provide theft cover only if the tracking devise is functional. Choose a tracking company that proactively alerts you if your system is not working.

  3. Can you locate the whereabouts of your vehicle from your cell phone?

    GPS and GSM allow for the accurate location of your vehicle by merely sending a sms to the sim card in your vehicle. An accurate GPS based location of your vehicle will be sent back to you via SMS.

  4. Will your tracking unit activate an immediate response in the event of an accident?

    A crash sensor allows for the notification and location of your vehicle when involved in an accident. If required, an ER24 ambulance is dispatched to the scene.

  5. If you are stranded on the side of the road, will your tracking company provide you with protection?

    In the event of your vehicle breaking down in an unsafe area, it is advisable to have the option to call in some personal protection in order to protect the occupants of the vehicle until such time as your vehicle is in working order or ready to be towed.

  6. In the event of a theft of hi-jacking, does your system have a backup solution if communication to the main tracking unit is severed?

    This is advisable and will certainly increase your chances of recovering your vehicle.

  7. Can your unit produce a SARS approved logbook at the end of the financial year?

    This is now a legal requirement for all people earning a car allowance.

  8. Does your unit allow you to demarcate specific “no go” areas?

    This provides a proactive warning if your vehicle goes out of its normal route.

  9. Does your Insurer recognize your unit for a maximum discount on your insurance premium?

Not all products enjoy a discount from Insurers. Contact your car insurance company to confirm whether you will enjoy the benefits of reduced car insurance premiums after installation of your vehicle tracking device!


The Stolen Vehicle Recovery market is highly competitive with a wide range of products available. There are many new entrants to the markets – but many fail to deliver the quality of tracking device and service claimed in advertising brochures.

The above questions will guide you towards the appropriate tracking device and vehicle security systems to protect yourself from vehicle loss!!

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