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What is the deal with the regular driver?

by jonckie@arrivealive.co.za

It’s perhaps 1 of the more mundane questions that you answer when you get a quote for car insurance, but it’s actually quite important. Of course, we’re talking about who the regular driver is. Simply put, the regular driver is the person who’s going to be driving the car most often.

Here’s why it matters.

Is it you, your husband… Or your fast and furious teenage daughter?

The biggest reason your insurer has for asking this question is because it helps them determine your monthly premium.

You see, your premium’s calculated based on the individual risk profile of the person who drives the car most often. Your risk profile is created by finding out how old you are, your gender, how you’ll be using the car (business or pleasure), your licence code, if you’ve had any endorsements on your licence, and if you’ve had any car accidents in recent years.

All these details are quite personal to you as the regular driver, so it can’t be anyone else. For example, a 60-year-old retired mum who backs the car out of the garage every weekend to wash it will have a different risk profile to a 35-year-old man who uses the car to do his job as a travelling sales consultant. These 2 people pose different risks and should obviously pay different premiums.

Why people get confused

Based on the explanation we’ve provided above, you might be curious as to how people could even get confused about who the regular driver is. But it happens. And the 2 main reasons why, are actually super relatable.

Basically, some people think that the regular driver is the person who owns the car or is the person who drives the car the farthest. As in, the person who puts the most kilometres on the clock. But you might own the car that your spouse drives all the time. Or you might only drive the car 2 days a week and in those 8 days a month, rack up an impressive 700kms. Your spouse, on the other hand, drives the car the rest of the time, taking the kids to school (around the corner) and doing a few odds and ends. He or she drives around 200 to 400kms per month over those remaining 22 days.

In both these scenarios, you’re not the regular driver. Your spouse is, because it’s about frequency, not about ownership or the distance driven. It’s super important to note that the person who drives the car more frequently, is the regular driver.

Keep it real

You need to tell your insurance company who’ll be driving the car more frequently, because (touch wood) if something happens and it turns out that the regular driver isn’t who you said it was, then your claim might be rejected. And remember, it won’t be because you put the wrong name down…

Some people think that insurance companies are being colossal pains about a minor incorrect detail. But actually, because the regular driver isn’t correct, the wrong driver is insured and you’ve been paying the wrong premium for the wrong policy. That’s why your claim will most likely be rejected.

It’s better to understand this little detail and keep it real, honest and 100% truthful.

Do you need to update the regular driver on your policy? Get in touch with your insurer today. And if you don’t have super cheap car insurance, then look no further. Click here for a commitment-free quote and royal cover.

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