Drunk driving, how much is too much

Drunk driving, how much is too much?

This is probably the most raised question in any discussion about drunk driving! The answer to this simple question is unfortunately not as easy, and is determined by what the legal alcohol limit is.

We have tried to provide answers to this question on the Arrive Alive website in a section titled “How much may a person drink?” and also added the more scientific explanation on “How much is too much”. The basic scientific answer is to be found in the Widmark Formula:

People often ask how much they can drink before they go past the limit, here is a “basic” answer:
1 metric tot is 8,4 g of ethyl alcohol.
The average beer contains between 13 – 16 grams of ethyl alcohol.
One beer is therefore ± equivalent of a double eg brandy.
In trials all the participants (Male & Female students) exceeded the legal limit = 0,05g/dl after two beers.

According to the Widmark formula:

A = p x c x 10 x r
A = amount of alcohol in grams
p = mass of the person
x 10 = to convert promille ( parts per thousand) to g/dl or g/%
“r” = Widmark factor which is on average 0,7 for men and 0,6 for females.
c = blood alcohol level.
Blood alcohol level = A divided by p x r x 10.

Why did we add this to the Car Insurance Blog?
We have, in an earlier post written about the question “Will my car insurance pay if I drive drunk?” This question is answered by the answer as to whether you have exceeded the limit. We would however like to emphasize that the legal limit is only a measure to determine what is “legally acceptable”. A better question would be to ask which amount of alcohol may be consumed before my ability to drive is impaired…
The answer to this would be ZERO…rather try to be a sober driver, or have a designated sober driver – then you might be able to avoid not only the question on whether the car insurance will make payment – and rather avoid the accident!!

We have added this video of someone who should have asked the question before climbing behind the wheel:

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